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Helping Hands

Student counseling for foreign students

One of the main aims of the Student Counselling Centre of the University of Szeged is to provide help for the student community in tackling life management difficulties. We offer our counselling services for all active students of the UoSz for five sessions free of charge upon registration. Students may check in via this email:

Following registration and a brief orientation, students are referred to our professional staff members, and then the common work can start. We will always try to give an appointment as soon as possible but finding the right staff member for your individual problem takes time. Based on our experiences, the first session can be scheduled within one week. Please not this when you register.

The effectiveness of the counselling process is considerably influenced by the commitment of students, thus uninterrupted participation is highly advisable. Our counselling service is strictly confidential thus no information will be passed to any third party. The language of the individual counselling sessions offered to foreign students is ENGLISH.

We kindly request you to send the following information to this email (

· University Student ID (NEPTUN Code),

· Faculty and field of studies, major

· Mobile phone number,

· A brief description of your problem: What would you like to change or find a solution to?

"We can't help everyone, but everyone
can help someone."
The most common issues and topics students may wish to discuss, but not limited to:
  • Family matters, dysfunctions, family crises
  • couple and partner issues, sexuality
  • career planning and career orientation
  • difficulties in the university studies
  • homesickness, cross cultural difficulties
  • failure of coping strategies
  • stress management, too much burden
  • loneliness, fears and anxieties
  • drug problems
  • time management problems
  • mental health issues
  • individual dilemmas
  • decision making difficulties

Feel free to contact us:


SZTE Student Counseling Center
6722 Szeged, Vitéz utca 17.
Telephone: +36 62 544-029

Helping Hands